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oil rigWelcome to the Drill King International website. A USA Manufacturer of quality percussion bits and accessories serving the water well, mining, oil , gas, and civil construction industries. Our flexibility and customization of products at a reasonable cost and short lead times mean more profits to you.

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Mission Statement

To produce premium products and unsurpassed services. This means meeting critical deliveries in an ever-changing market. We view our customers and vendors as long-term partners in our success and seek to be partners in their success. We seek to DO THE RIGHT THING RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME.

Drill King Products

* DTH Hammers --- a new generation hammer engineered and designed with the driller in mind. Heavy duty tools with simplicity in design to achieve maximum performance and still minimum maintenance. DK hammers are a proven tool in various applications such as, oil and gas exploration, water wells, blast holes, foundation holes, elevator shafts, pile/rock sockets and others where large amounts of rock excavating are required. Drill King International is one of few that offers the largest range of hammers and bits available in the industry today. We offer hammers for drilling holes from 2-3/4"- 42" in diameter.

* DTH Hammer Bits--- large assortment of sizes and shanks. We specialize in custom designs for those tough and unusual drilling conditions. From 2-3/4" to 42" in diameter, our hammer bits are made from the best aircraft quality steel available, designed, modeled and manufactured with state of the art technology so we can make it right the first time. We make the best to last!

* DTH Hole Openers--- custom made to your specific size.

* Assorted Products --- casing crowns, threaded and retrac bits, adapter subs, hammer stabilizers/shock subs, fishing tools, drag bits and blade bits.




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